Property Maintenance


The Property Maintenance Division works diligently to ensure that the Village is a safe and pleasant place for residents and the business community. Village ordinances are in place to help ensure safety and maintain community aesthetics. Listed below is a summary of information regarding ordinance guidelines to follow within the Village. You are encouraged to contact the Village with any questions or comments or use the Citizen Request Tracker (CRT) to report property maintenance issues.

Snow Removal

Village Code requires that all property owners, business owners and occupants are responsible for keeping all public sidewalks around their property clear of snow and ice. Snow is not to be placed from private property into Village streets. 

Grass and Weed Height

Grass and weeds shall not exceed 8 inches in height.

Sidewalk Obstructions

Property owners are responsible for maintaining the landscaping (trees, bushes, flowers etc.) on their property near public sidewalks so that it does not obstruct the sidewalk.

Recreational Vehicle/Equipment Storage

The Village has regulations that pertain to summer and winter recreational vehicles/equipment storage on resident’s property.  Recreational Vehicle/Equipment Storage Flyer (PDF)

Village Code Sec. 14.3.7 - Recreational vehicles or equipment


Property owners are responsible for keeping their land and buildings free of litter. Cary’s ordinance prohibits the accumulation of garbage or refuse so as to create a nuisance.


There is no open burning allowed in the Village. All backyard fireplaces/fire pits must be covered at all times.

Outdoor Storage

Outdoor storage is prohibited. All items must be stored in an approved enclosed structure.

Unpaved Parking

All parking must be on a paved (concrete or asphalt) surface.


For emergency purposes, addresses should be visible from the street and posted above the attached garage overhead door or at the front door entrance.