Treating to Ensure Compliance
Six wastewater staff members, licensed by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ensure compliance with all state and federal regulations 365 days a year. The village water staff will collect and perform laboratory analysis on over 5,000 samples in the coming year. Potable water treated and delivered to the residents of Cary meet all EPA regulated limits. The water system staff is responsible for all distribution system repair and maintenance in addition to performing customer service for residents.

Consumer Confidence Report
The Village of Cary is committed to providing the highest quality drinking water to its 18,271 residents and 500+ businesses. Our water is sampled frequently according to strict Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) regulations. The Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) is the result of the IEPA water inspection and sampling. This report is intended to provide you with important information about your drinking water and the efforts made by the Cary water system to provide safe drinking water. The source of drinking water used by Cary is ground water. 
Results for Unregulated Contaminated Monitoring Rule-3 (UCMR-3)
As part of the Village's requirements from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), routine tests are conducted to document the quality of our drinking water.  These requirements include testing for various elements not currently regulated, but typically present in safe drinking water.  The data is utilized by the EPA to assist in determining whether future regulations are required on different elements. 

The results of the Village of Cary's water quality tests indicate that only four (4) of the 21 compounds and metals tested were detected.  These four metals and compounds can occur naturally in the environment and the EPA continues to consider the Village's drinking water to be safe

Additional information can be found on the EPA website regarding these EPA tests for Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring

Please also see the latest UCMR-3.