Municipal Electric Aggregation

Electrical Aggregation - Constellation Energy
Electrical Aggregation   

On  August 19, 2014, the Village Board approved a three-year contract with Constellation Energy to provide electrical supply services to eligible residential and small commercial customers in the Village.  The agreement with Constellation Energy set a rate of 7.4¢ (kWh) for the supply of electricity.  

The aggregation program is designed to provide residents with another option to consider when evaluating the ComEd’s rate and the rate provided by independent suppliers.  The Village agreement with Constellation Energy is a fixed rate of the term of the contract.  While the aggregation program has provided another choice for residents and provided significant savings to residents, the ComEd rate is currently lower than the Village’s contracted price with Constellation Energy (7.4¢ (kWh)).  With no early termination fees, residents are free to leave the aggregation program at any time to move to ComEd or other suppliers. There would be no switching fees to move back to/from ComEd.

ComEd rate for June 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017

4 summer months:                               6.190¢
For the 8 non-summer months:           6.308¢
Average Annual rate:                           6.27¢

Please understand that the ComEd rate is now reset twice a year, and has an additional component (Purchased Electricity Adjustment Factor) that can range from -0.5¢ to +0.5¢. Therefore, the ComEd rate for residents will fluctuate between 5.690¢ and 6.808¢ for the year.
Residents are free to leave the aggregation program at any time with no early termination fees.  Even if residents leave the program, they can later re-join the aggregation program. The Village’s aggregation rate of 7.4¢ (kWh) will be available through the summer of 2017. (The only prohibition to switching - Residents are not free to move back to the supplier from which they just left for 6 months.) 
Any resident desiring to move back to ComEd should contact Constellation Energy at 1-800-718-1493. Constellation Energy will ask for your account number to complete the move back to ComEd.  Additionally, residents can find alternative priced rates from other suppliers and additional information regarding municipal aggregation at the State of Illinois’ website:

 Please contact Village Hall at 847.639.0003 with any questions regarding this information.