Three Oaks Road

Project Limits:

Three Oaks Road, between Silver Lake Road and S. Rawson Bridge Road.

Location Map


Project Scope:

Resurfacing, traffic signal modernization, and bike path extensions along Three Oaks Road.

Three Oaks Road is NOT being widened with this project, except for the potential addition of a new right turn lane for the high school and park exit at the First Street traffic signal.

This project has received a $1.5 million federal grant which will be utilized towards the construction costs.



Engineering Design:

   Design Approval Anticipated in early 2017.



  • The preliminary design is nearly complete, with some revisions incorporating some of the comments received at the public meeting in January 2016.
  • Project update presented to the Village of Cary Committee of the Whole on 12/6/16.
  • Public display of the preliminary design is available at Village Hall from 12/7/16 through 12/22/16.  Comments can be posted on the display board or emailed to