2018 Pavement Patching Program

Start Date Summer 2018
Contractor Name J.A. Johnson Paving
Staff Contact Scott Fish, Engineering Technician, 847-639-0003
Repairs to various sections of roadways will be made this year as part of the annual Pavement Patching Program.  These asphalt repairs are only for smaller isolated sections of the pavement where the surface condition is more deteriorated as compared to the rest of the roadway.  These repairs will not require complete road closures and disruptions to traffic should be minor.  Construction workers will direct traffic if short lane closures are necessary during the asphalt removal or  paving.

Please contact Engineering Technician Scott Fish in the Public Works Department at 847-639-0003 or via mail at CaryPW@CaryIllinois.com with questions regarding this program.

See below for a listing of the locations for the pavement patches in this year's program :

2016 Road Patching Program 004