2017 Crack Filling Program

Start Date June 13, 2017
Contractor SKC Construction
Staff Contact Scott Fish, Engineering Technician (847-639-0003)
Crack filling is utilized by the Village to extend the life of existing pavements.  This pavement management best practice is applied to roadway recently paved within the past few years.  Cracks that naturally form in the pavement over time are routed and filled with a flexible material that helps prevent water from penetrating into the base of the roadway structure.
Street From To
Short Park Southwest End
Burton First Franke
Bryan Moraine Hill Hillhurst
Hillhurst Claire South End
Spruce Tree Bristol  South End
Tanglewood Wild Rose Wild Pine
White Pine Bristol Three Oaks
Bristol Red Cypress White Pine
Bell Montana Hillhurst
Claire Spruce Tree Moraine Hill 
Wooded Knoll Decker Hillhurst
Alicia Decker East End
St. Cronin Galway North End
Ardmore Galway Adare
Liberty Ct Patriot South End
Liberty Patriot Patriot
Dunleer Dr Galway Galway
Kildare Ct Galway End
Ennis Ct Ardmore  Ardmore
Galway Silver Lake Adare
Patriot Silver Lake Galway
South St Perth Seebert
Charlotte South Spring
Enclave Fox Trails Dr. North West End
Fox Trail Terrace Fox Trails Dr. North Fox Trail Dr. South
Silver Lake Rd Rt. 14 Cary-Algonquin
Margaret Terrace Silver Lake  Elden Dr
W. James Way Silver Lake
Jamesway Park
E. James Way First St Crest Dr
Sandra Ln  W. James Way Ann St 
Asbury Ln W. Main St Big Sky Trail
Manitou St Boxwood Ln Asbury Ln
Boxwood Ln Manitou St W. Main St
Mayfield St W. Main St Fairfield Ln
Fairfield Ln W. Main St Merrimac St
Essex Ln Mayfield St Merrimac St
Duxbury Ln Mayfield St Merrimac St
Chelsea Ln Mayfield St Merrimac St