Maplewood Development Updates

The Village’s Comprehensive Plan provides sensitive guidance regarding the Maplewood Property and the potential redevelopment of the 15 acre site.  The property is referenced on over 25 pages of the Plan with specific focus on the property provided within the Downtown Subarea Plan.  Areas of discussion include providing access to the north of the property by extending Industrial Drive/High Road, multi-family infill development, potential for mixed-use development, and integration with the downtown area and Metra station among others. In 2015 the Village and School District created a Joint Maplewood Committee to discuss issues related to the potential redevelopment of the site. Some of the documentation presented during these meetings is provided via the links below.

September 16, 2015 meeting:                                                    November 4, 2015 meeting:
Comprehensive Plan Presentation                                                Zoning Presentation
Maplewood Property Update                                                         Demolition Cost Presentation

Redevelopment History

In 2017 School District School District 26 advertised a request for bids regarding the sale of the former Maplewood School property.  The request for bids was released on May 31st with a bid opening of July 5th. The District received two bids which met their required minimum standards.  The proposals were reviewed and voted on by the District 26 Board during their meeting on July 17th to select a preferred purchaser. Following this approval, Village staff had preliminary discussions with the purchaser, Patrick Taylor, regarding the property and the Village’s Development Review process. Through these discussions the developer requested an opportunity to meet with the Village Board to discuss the property and its potential redevelopment. On August 22nd the Village Board held a Special Village Board Meeting to meet with the potential developer and provide preliminary feedback on re-development of the site prior to production of plans.  Following this meeting the Village Board reviewed additional concept layouts for the potential redevelopment of the property in October and December. No formal zoning petition to redevelop the property has been submitted to the Village to date.

In June 2018, the school district terminated their purchase agreement with the developer and have re-posted the property for sale. 


Date Status                                                                                         
05.31.17 Maplewood Property request for bids released
07.17.17 Proposals reviewed and voted on by District 26 Board
08.22.17 Developer Patrick Taylor met with Village Board to discuss the property and receive public input
10.03.17 Developer Patrick Taylor presented Concept Plan to the Committee of the Whole
12.05.17 A revised Concept Plan presented to the Committee of the Whole by Developer Patrick Taylor
07.09.18 The school district has terminated its purchase agreement with Developer Patrick Taylor and has re-posted the property for sale. A request for bids was released in June seeking offers on the property.
03/09/19 A second purchase agreement between the School District and Developer Patrick Taylor was executed in 2018 following the July request for bids. However, the two parties have since terminated this second agreement. No additional information related to the property or potential redevelopment of the site has been provided to the Village following the concept plan review meeting held before the Committee of the Whole on December 5, 2017.