Fact Sheets and Links

Impacts of stormwater discharges on water bodies

More information can be found on the following sites or fact sheets:
Managing Wet Weather with Green Infrastructure
After the Storm
Rivers and Streams Begin at your Front Door
Storm Sewers - Rivers Beneath our Feet
Sourcewater Protection
Lawn Watering
Managing Your Household Chemicals (PDF)
Rethinking Yard Care (PDF)
Green Infrastructure uses vegetation, soils and natural processes to manage water and create healthier urban environments. This website is a one-stop shop for resources on green infrastructure that features improved navigability and up-to-date content, including a wealth of publications and tools developed by EPA, state and local governments, the private sector, nonprofit organizations and academic institutions.  

Getting more involved

Many area organizations have an interest in protecting the quality of our water. Contact any of the following organizations and find out what they are doing and how you can get involved.
Friends of the Fox River
Fox River Ecosystem Partnership
McHenry County Water Resources Division
McHenry-Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District