Police Station and Village Hall Project

Request for Qualifications & Proposals

On January 15th, 2019, the Committee of the Whole discussed a potential space needs analysis and facility evaluation for the current Police Station/Village Hall. This is the link to the meeting. At the direction of the Committee, a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) was issued on January 17, 2019. The RFQ was comprised of three phases including:

  • Phase 1: Assess the current and long-term operational space needs for the Police Station/Village Hall
  • Phase 2: Evaluate a potential renovation of the current facility compared to a new facility
  • Phase 3 (Optional): If directed by the Board of Trustees, provide architectural design services for the preferred alternatives as determined in Phase 2. 

On May 21, 2019, FGM Architects was chosen and approved by the Village Board of Trustees to conduct the space needs analysis (Phase 1) and the facility evaluation (Phase 2), with architectural services (Phase 3) at the Village's option. This is the link to the meeting.

Phase 1: Space Needs Analysis

A space needs analysis final draft was completed on July 17, 2019. During this process, FGM conducted a series of interviews with various members of Village staff. FGM staff toured the existing building to observe how staff members operated within the building, as well as gain further insight regarding operational and maintenance issues.

The space needs analysis concluded that more space is needed overall with the Police Department operating with a significant 3,630 square feet deficit. 

Space Needs Analysis Summary

Phase 2: Facility Evaluation

Upon completion of the space needs analysis, FGM team members began the evaluation and review of the current building. FGM conducted field surveys and reviewed available building plans, drawings, and previously provided .  Preliminary site and floor plan diagrams were provided for the repair and renovation of the existing building (conceptual renovation layout link), as well as the construction of a new facility on the Village's property on Industrial Drive (conceptual new facility layout link). Village staff met with FGM team members on multiple occasions to review and modify these conceptual site plans. After the conceptual layouts were completed, FGM developed preliminary budgets for the two projects, as well as a budget for a "do-nothing" option. This option focused only on repairing the current building without any operational enhancements. 


On November 5, 2019, FGM Architects presented their report to the Committee of the Whole. This is the link to the meeting. Based on the consensus of the Committee of the Whole, staff will begin negotiations of an architectural design services contract for the design of a new facility at the Village's property on the corner of Georgetown Drive and Industrial Drive. This contract will be discussed and voted on at a future Village Board of Trustees meeting.

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