Downtown Social District

What is the Downtown Social District?

In November 2021, the Village established the Downtown Social District. This district is a defined area in the downtown where visitors may consume alcoholic beverages in the Village public way, including sidewalks and Alfresco Alley.

What are the boundaries of the Downtown Social District?

The downtown social district is on West Main Street from 90 feet west of High Road to Jandus Road, Spring Street from West Main Street to Cary Street, High Road from West Main Street to 200 feet north of West Main Street, and Jandus Road from West Main Street to 100 feet northwest of Cary Street. Sidewalk signs are placed along the boundaries indicating when a visitor is leaving the District boundary. The map below depicts the District’s boundaries.

Social District Map (digital use) 2023

Social District Sign (digital use) 2023

When is the Downtown Social District in effect?

The Downtown Social District is in effect from March 1 to December 15 between the hours of 6:00AM to 11:00PM.

Which downtown establishments are participating in the Downtown Social District? 

There are four participating establishments: Cary Alehouse, Orchard Prime Meats, The Tracks Bar & Grill, and 750 Cucina Rustica.

What kind of drink can I purchase?

Visitors may purchase an alcoholic beverage from a licensed establishment. Only beer, wine, or mixed drinks may be purchased for consumption in the Downtown Social District. If you intend to drink within the Downtown Social District boundaries, please let the establishment know and you will be provided with a specific cup for this purpose.

How many drinks can I purchase?

Visitors may only purchase two drinks per transaction.