Posted on: January 3, 2017

Notice Regarding Solicitors


Solicitors must register with the Village, but can only be denied a license for violating provisions of the solicitor ordinance or being convicted of a felony within 5 years of application for the license. One of the provisions of the solicitor ordinance is that a solicitor may not approach a residence that has a "No Solicitors Invited" sign posted at the main entrance to the residence. (These signs are available at Village Hall and the Cary Police Department.) If a solicitor is violating a provision of the solicitor ordinance, residents should contact the Cary Police Department at 847-639-2341 so that enforcement action can be taken and the solicitor license may be revoked for the individual if a violation occurred. If residents receive a solicitation, residents are advised not to provide any of your account numbers to a solicitor. Providing these account numbers to a solicitor may result in an unwanted change in your service provider. Only provide this type of information to a solicitor if you are interested in changing your current service. To file a complaint about a misleading solicitation, residents are encouraged to contact the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC). Formal complaints can be filed electronically, by mail or by calling the ICC at 1-800-524-0795.

For more information, please visit the ICC website
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