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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests 1 Form
Forms General FOIA Information Request
Police 1 Form
Forms Solicitor Application
Public Works 1 Form
Forms Report a Flooding Issue
RequestTracker Forms 48 Forms
Forms Accumulation of Refuse / Debris / Brush
Forms Adopt-A-Roadway
Forms Animal Issues
Forms Branch or Fallen Limb on Right-of-Way
Forms Brush Collection - Missed Pick Up (spring & fall pickup only)
Forms Brush Collection - Special Pickup Request
Forms Construction Noise
Forms Construction Without a Permit
Forms Curb Damage or Repair
Forms Dead Animal Removal
Forms Debris in Roadway / Litter / Street Sweeping
Forms Drainage Issue (Non-Emergency)
Forms Drinking Water Quality (Color, Odor or Taste)
Forms Exterior Building Maintenance
Forms General Property Maintenance Concern
Forms General Request
Forms Graffiti on Village Property
Forms Insect Issues
Forms JULIE Locate Markings - Inquiry
Forms Landscape Maintenance (on private property)
Forms Landscape Maintenance Issue (on Village Property)
Forms Leaves in Street
Forms Mailbox Damage due to Snow Operations
Forms Motor Vehicle (Inoperative / Parked Off Driveway)
Forms No Heat in Building
Forms Obstructed Sidewalks (Non-Vehicle)
Forms Open Burning of Debris
Forms Overcrowding
Forms Parkway Damage (due to Snow Operations)
Forms Parkway Damage (Non-Snow Related)
Forms Parkway Tree (Dead or Dying)
Forms Parkway Tree Replacement
Forms Parkway Tree Trimming
Forms Pothole or other Street Repair
Forms Recreational Vehicle Parking
Forms Refuse Carts Not In Approved Location
Forms Right-of-way Permit Application
Forms Sidewalk Damage or Repair
Forms Sinkhole or Ground Settling (Includes Holes in Street Around Storm Drains)
Forms Snow on Public Walk / Pushed Into Street
Forms Snow Piling - Snow Operations
Forms Street Light Outage or Damage
Forms Street Sign Issue or New Sign Request
Forms Tall Grass / Weeds
Forms Traffic Safety, Speeding or Other Related Issues
Forms Traffic Signal Issue
Forms Utility Permit (Right-of-Way)
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