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1. When will my brush be collected?
2. Who do I call about a fallen parkway tree or fallen branches from a parkway tree?
3. How do I arrange for a special brush collection?
4. Are there size requirements for my brush pile?
5. Why was my brush pile not collected?
6. Who is responsible for trimming trees and shrubs that hang into or over a roadway or sidewalk?
7. Am I allowed to have a tree planted in the parkway in front of my property; and if so, what steps do I have to follow to do so?
8. Can I decide what tree to have planted in the parkway in front of my property?
9. I believe that my parkway tree is dead. How should I have this tree removed?
10. The Public Works Department removed my parkway tree. When will it be replaced?
11. What does the Village do with all the mulch from chipping brush and branches?