Property Tax 
The property tax that the Village of Cary receives is approximately 4.86% of the total property tax bill. A breakdown of the allocation of your total property tax bill is listed below.

  • Algonquin Township (1.88%)
  • Cary Area Public Library (2.55%)
  • Cary Fire District (5.63%)
  • Cary Park District (7.76%)
  • McHenry County (7.85%)
  • McHenry County Conservation District (2.30%)
  • McHenry County College District No. 528 (3.54%) 
  • School District No. 26 (37.74%)
  • School District No. 155 (25.89%)
  • Village of Cary (4.86%)


Sales Tax 
The 7% sales tax paid on purchases at businesses in Cary are distributed as follows:  

  • General Sales Tax
    • State of Illinois (6.250%)
    • RTA (0.750%)

Utility Tax 
Electric Utility Tax - 5% 
Telecommunications Tax - 6% 
Comcast Franchise Fee - 4% 
Cable and Video Service Provider Fee - 4%

Special Service Area (SSA) 
A homeowner is responsible for the property tax from the time they take possession of the home. For example, you are responsible for paying the prior years tax levy on the current tax bill prorated for the period you lived in the home. The special service area taxes are listed as a separate line item on your tax bill. 

For questions related to the Special Service Areas in Cary contact:

MuniCap Public Finance
8965 Guilford Road, Suite 210
Columbia, MD 21046
Direct Line: (443) 539-4553 
Ph: (443) 539-4104