Community Development Projects


Phase 2 Site Plan

Stryker has completed construction on the first phase of the expansion to their existing facility at 3909 Three Oaks Road. The expansion of the facility is anticipated to be completed in three stages. No time frame has currently been established for phase two.


Thorntons 2021
Thorntons will be constructing a second service station within the Village of Cary in 2022.The station will be located on the southeast corner of Route 14 and Jandus Cutoff Road. The Thorntons will include a 5,500 square foot convenience store and fueling for up to 20 vehicles. Their existing station at Three Oaks and Route 14 will continue to operate in addition to this new station.
West Lake TH


Harper Pointe Site Plan


Cary Aquatic Park 2022

Construction is underway on the community of townhomes in the West Lake subdivision of Cary. The homes range from 1,565 square feet to 1,966 square feet.

Elm Tree Properties, LLC will be continuing the development of their Harper Pointe residential project at 400 Haber Road. The developer will be converting the former Haber Oaks School into an apartment building for seniors, aged 55 and older, by adding a second story and peaked roof. In addition, the development will incorporate duplex buildings around the periphery of the site similar to those already being constructed facing Harper Avenue. When completed the project will consist of twenty-two duplex units and twenty-four senior apartments.

The Cary Park District has begun construction on a new aquatic center at Cary Grove Park. The property was officially annexed into the Village of Cary in 2020 and the aquatic enter will be the second phase of the multiple phased development of this facility. The aquatic center is now open to the public.