Solicitor & Truck Permits

Solicitor Permits

Village Ordinance requires that all solicitors be licensed. If a solicitor approaches your home, you may ask that the solicitor show you his/her village solicitor's permit. If a solicitor is not licensed or is causing a problem, call the Police Department and report the solicitor, along with a description of their appearance, vehicle they were driving (if any), what company they were soliciting for and direction of travel. The Village also provides stickers you may display on the window of your doorway which informs solicitors that they are not invited on your property. These stickers are available free of charge at the Village Hall or the Police Department.

The Village of Cary has recently updated the Solicitors Ordinance and Application. 

Truck Permits

Effective November 13, 2017, the Village of Cary will begin processing truck permits using an online service, Oxcart Permit Systems. Use the link below to set up a free user account to apply and pay for permits with the Village of Cary.

Oxcart Permits Sign-up and Application

You are encouraged to contact the Cary Police Department for additional information at 847.639.2341

For more information on truck routes through Cary, please click on the link below. 

Truck Route Map (PDF)