Cary Municipal Center Project

Concept-to-Construction (March 2021 Front Elevation)

The Village is excited to announce that the construction of the new Cary Municipal Center is underway! The new 21,000 square-foot facility will house both the village hall and police station. The building has been carefully designed to optimize the space necessary for modern police and local government operations. The Cary Municipal Center also includes a new multi-purpose village board room that can also be utilized for classroom training or an emergency operations center.

For updates, a link to our time lapse construction camera video, and progress photos, be sure to return to this page. Also visit the Cary Municipal Center Overview page for additional background on the process that has led to this exciting new building.

Check out our construction camera feed:

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Substantial completion for this project is anticipated in Fall 2021.

April 2021- The concrete for the building's floors were poured. The main-level framing began this month. Work also continues for the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC installations. Roof installation is scheduled to begin in May.

March 2021- The exterior wall framing and decking have been completed. The contractor has also completed the in-ground electrical work. 

February 2021- Structural steel was erected this month as the new building begins to take shape.

January 2021- Work on the interior underground plumbing and foundation waterproofing began this month. The structural steel installation is scheduled to begin in late January/early February.

December 2020- Work on the foundational walls is in process. The elevator shaft construction also progressed.

November 2020- Mass grading was completed. The exterior footings were poured allowing for the installation of the foundation walls and interior footings to begin.

October 2020- Full mobilization began in late October. A construction camera was installed on-site to provide residents real time project progress photos.

September 2020- On September 29th, the Village held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Cary Municipal Center.