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Aug 20

2021 Road Rejuvenation Program

Posted on August 20, 2021 at 3:05 PM by Courtney Sage

Beginning the week of August 23rd (weather dependent), the Village of Cary’s contractor will be performing preventative maintenance on several recently paved roads, including Three Oaks Road, a portion of S. Rawson Bridge Road, Spring Street, High Road, Jandus Road, and the south commuter lots. The contractor will apply an asphalt rejuvenation product that is intended to extend the life of the pavement. This product is environmentally safe and will extend the pavement's life. We appreciate your patience during the application process.

Three Oaks Road, S. Rawson Bridge, High Road, and a portion of Spring Street will remain open to traffic. Please use caution and expect delays.

To avoid the placement of sand as part of the rejuvenator application process given the pedestrian-focused nature of Alfresco Alley, the northern half of Spring Street will be closed to foot traffic for a few days until the product has penetrated the asphalt surface and is no longer tacky to the touch. The Village will be temporarily removing the Alfresco Alley tables, planters, and lighting for this work. The southern portion of Spring Street will remain open to traffic. The south commuter lots will also be closed to vehicles and foot traffic during this process.

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